Cheri Chastain - Sustainability Manager at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Cheri Chastain - Sustainability Manager at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Cheri Chastain has been the Sustainability Manager for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. since 2006 where she is responsible for educating employees on environmental issues and programs, maintaining and developing sustainability policies and projects, and representing Sierra Nevada in industry and policy conversations.  Cheri currently co-chairs the Brewers Association Sustainability Committee, is vice chair of the City of Chico‚Äôs Sustainability Task Force, and is a board member of the US Zero Waste Business Council. 

Cheri Joins Sustainable Nation to discuss:

  • What's new in sustainability at Sierra Nevada

  • Sustainability in the beer industry

  • Innovations in renewable energy

  • Being a Zero Waste leader

  • Advice and recommendations for sustainability leaders

What is one piece of advice you would give other sustainability professionals that might help them in their careers? 

Make friends.

What are you most excited about right now in the world of sustainability and regenerative development?

I'm most excited about the momentum that's building. For so long, it was Al Gore and his inconvenient truth and that just rubbed people the wrong way and it ruffled a lot of feathers and it did some of the necessary way. I think we needed that, but all of a sudden, the effects of climate change are becoming so apparent to people all over this country, all over the globe in the momentum that's building the innovative solutions that are coming out of, plays little corners all over the globe. I find that very exciting. I feel like we're kind of at a tipping point and it's hopefully going to tip in a really positive way.

What is the one book you would recommend sustainability professionals read?

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Book that was written over almost 40 years ago. Still so relevant today and it's such a simple, clear, beautiful message that we should all remind ourselves of.

What are some of your favorite resources or tools that you use to really help you in the work that you do?

Our friends at series are an incredible resource for helping to guide policy and engaging businesses on policy, work and efforts. My friends and colleagues within beer that are addressing sustainability and craft brewing. They are an incredible resource and we're able to bounce off of each other and feed off of each other.

Finally, where can our listeners go to learn more about your work and what you do?

Our website, There's a sustainability section in there. I'm actually in the process right now of updating our sustainability report and that should go live April first is our target date. So for the most up to date information, check back after April first.